3D simulation and visualization

Based on a stable framework for 3D-Applications we can offer simualtion and game development at prices one can afford. Due to the fact we are combining state of the art open source technologies with modules we have already developed on our own, we can reduce development costs and maximize the cost-benefit ratio.

Set off to a new era, the era of 3D computer graphics!

Imagine a virtual journey, a virtual shopping center or the simulation of dangerous situations. Multiple different situations can be displayed at your at your customers display.

You have the business idea, we have the solution!

The developments in the past years in this area have lead to new possibilities and advantages. Throug the use of different open source packages combined with the know-how of professionell software developers, these technologies can be developed at definitly lower prices and in shorter times than equivalent projects some years ago.

MasterSoft Software Solutions hands these advantages on to its customers!

Compared with conventional solutions we offer our customers solutions without expensive licenses. Our costumers only pay the effort it takes to transform their vision into a solution.

Benefit from the new possibilities in 3D-Computer Graphics and take advantage over your competitors. The team of MasterSoft Software Solutions attends you with the concept, the design, the implementaion and the integration into your business process.