MasterSoft Data Management System

MasterSoft Data Management System

The flood of data has become a real challenge to companies. Many employees are working on the same documents and this documents and data should be available whereever these people are. MasterSoft Software Solutions developed a Data Management System that allows companies to accomplish these challenges. Our DMS provides an intuitive easy-to-use Web application for managing data and communication between the registered users.


  • communication over secured 128 bit SSL connection
  • Up- and download of files
  • Up- and download of folders
  • versioning and history of files
  • discussion of files
  • files can be assigned to categories and subcategories
  • file access management
  • folder access management
  • file-management (Move, Rename, Delete, Lock, Checkout, ...)
  • file-metadata
  • search for files,mails and user
  • account managment
  • mandatory ability
  • mail-system
  • user-profile


Login into DMS Filebrowser - upload file Filebrowser - context menu in folder tree Filebrowser - download a file
Filebrowser - file properties Filebrowser - file rights Filebrowser - file version history Filebrowser - upload of a directory
inbox of messaging system messaging folders attach files to a message user profile
search category management user management doctype manager