SSD - Soliday Sonnensegel Designer

MasterSoft Software Solutions creates new distribution channels for Soliday sunsail products by developing a distributed software application.

Soliday Plaspack

The company Plaspack Netze GmbH produces high quality sunsails in various different models under the brand Soliday. To implement the technological requirements and possibilities faster than the competitors on the market MasterSoft refactored and extended an already implemented application. The simple program to preview sunsail models was extended in order to calculate sunsail models based on real world values. Within 2 years of development MasterSoft Software Solutions analyzed the physical conditions when planning and constructing sunsail models. These conditions must be validated in order to guarantee that the model planned can be produced and constructed. The developed application checks the input values for these conditions in the first step. If the conditions are valid the application displays the sunsail in the 3D spaces. Besides this visualization the user is able to create a proposal based on this model. Once the user wants to order the just created sunsail proposal he is able to send this proposal over the internet directly to Soliday by using the send feature of the application.

By developing the software, the physical conditions and limitations were defined based on the knowhow of the company Plaspack Netze GmbH in a way that sunsails constructed with the application are always constructible and producible without checking these conditions manually. This means that the costs for planning and constructing these sunsails are minimized and typical sources for errors are eliminated.

The usability and simplicity of the software were high priority goals of the development to provide a simple and fast way to construct sunsails even if the user has not used the application yet.

For the management of all distributors and their proposals within the network another application was developed which is used by the staff of Plaspack Netze GmbH.

With this project MasterSoft Software Solutions combines mathematical, physical and networking knowhow with the practical knowhow of the market leader for sunsails Plaspack Netze GmbH. The project was developed with the use of the agile Hybrid Process model also developed by MasterSoft. This way MasterSoft was able to guarantee a high quality software product with the knowhow of the sunsail producer Plaspack Netze GmbH.

The currnt version of the software is 3.3.760.

Attention: The software is distributed by Soliday or official Soliday partners directly to vendors only. Software downloads on the web are no official source for the software! Soliday vendors may contact the team of Soliday directly or contact the support team of MasterSoft.