Revision, extension and renewal of already existing software solutions

Even if the average time of usage for software products is defined with four to five years according to the Austrian tax law the practical experience shows that mainly self developed software for custom business processes is used over an average time period of 10 or even 15 years. The short development cycles of the new technologies did produce complete new solutions to solve problems more efficiently. But there is often the problem that these self developed custom applications where once developed and had never been refactored or extended with state of the art technologies.

Refactoring, extension and renewal of existing applications

If you do own software systems which do not meet the requirements of today’s markets or if your system does not solve your problems the way you want to do not hesitate to contact the team of MasterSoft Software Solutions Ltd. We will analyze your existing systems and develop together the solutions for your problems. Let your vision of a modern state of the art software infrastructure become reality.